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Ford Fiesta MK7 4-Point (Half) Bolt-In Roll Cage

This 4-point roll cage is designed to fit your Ford Fiesta MK7 and is made out of PTG700 which has the same chemical and physical properties as T45 but is more economical.




Standard Features:

  • Main hoop
  • Back stay with cross
  • Harness bar
  • All mounting boxes
  • Optional extras: (see drop down options for pricing)
  • Other colours

Technical Specification:

  • Roll cage comes ready welded and powder coated satin black therefore only need to weld mounting boxes (supplied) to the car for the roll cage to bolt onto.
  • Roll cage is made out of 44.45 x 2.64mm PTG700

PTG700/T45 vs CDS Material Specifications:

  • T45 (High Tensile Carbon Manganese Steel) & PTG700 has a tensile strength between 700M/mm2-900N/mm2, whereas CDS (Cold Drawn Seamless Carbon Steel) has tensile strength of approximately 480N/mm2.
  • The minimum yield strength (when metal starts to deform) of T45 & PTG700 (620N/mm2) is almost double that of CDS.

Image of the cage is for illustration purposes to show specification only, actual cage may differ – please refer to description for accurate product summary. Secondary images are also for illustration to show additional options which may be available from the selection menu. For further advice, please contact us in advance of your order.

Additional information

Finish Options

Powder Coated: Black, Powder Coated: Colour

Powder Coating Colour (if required)

None, Red, Blue, Grey, Yellow


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