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Five Reasons To Choose Custom Chassis Fabrication

chassis fabrication

Custom chassis fabrication can provide a wide array of benefits to performance vehicles. From customization to longevity, you can improve how your vehicle handles while facilitating upgrades with aftermarket parts. If you’re interested in a new chassis, then you may be wondering what all the specific benefits are. As a result, we’ve put together a list of reasons to opt for a fresh installation.


One of the greatest aspects of custom chassis fabrication is the versatility it provides. Not only does it provide a whole host of benefits to the vehicle itself, it also creates an opportunity to upgrade your vehicle even further. Suspension, drivetrain and exhaust systems are all customisation components that can be complemented by a unique new chassis. Just like you would build a house from the ground up, a custom chassis provides the foundation for a fully optimised high-octane performance vehicle.


A custom chassis fabrication is a great way to improve your vehicle’s performance. One of the main contributing factors to this is weight reduction. A standard chassis is not manufactured with high performance in mind. By opting for a custom fabrication you can take advantage of lightweight materials that will improve your vehicle’s acceleration and top speed without sacrificing on handling.

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Durability & Resilience

A typical factory chassis is mass manufactured and often uses components and materials which are vulnerable to wear and tear. If you’re looking for an upgrade that not only improves your vehicle’s performance, but its longevity too, then a custom creation may be perfect. The materials used are resistant to rust and corrosion, which means not only will your vehicle stand the test of time, but you’ll save cost on replacing components down the line.

High-Quality Chassis Fabrication Materials

At Caged Engineering, our custom chassis fabrications are made with the highest quality materials. It’s essential that such a vital feature of a vehicle is long-lasting, durable and high-performance. As a result, all our customisations are made with only the best carbon steel or aluminium alloys to guarantee a lightweight, resilient finished structure.

Customisation Options

A benefit that is often overlooked is the customisation and design options you have with a custom chassis fabrication. Therefore, choosing an aftermarket structural feature such as this provides you with the ability to prioritise certain improvements. If you’re looking for a strong, resilient chassis for off-roading, you can opt for a heavier, more durable metal. Alternatively, if you’re looking to increase acceleration and performance on the track, you can pick a more lightweight option such as alloy.

Get In Touch With Caged Engineering For Quality Chassis Fabrication

If you’re considering a custom chassis fabrication, then get in touch with our team at Caged Engineering. We’re industry experts and committed to high-quality installations and products that will improve your vehicle’s performance.

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