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Are Roll Cages Street Legal In The UK? Commonly Asked Questions

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Yes, roll cages are street-legal on UK roads. As long as they meet the minimum specification upon installation they can be used for vehicles off the track. In some instances, cages are prohibited as they interfere with the crumple technology built in for driver’s safety. As a result, we advise checking your local road laws to ensure this is not the case in your municipality. For more answers to common roll cage questions, please see below.

What Is A Roll Cage?

A roll cage is a high-strength frame installed on the interior of your vehicle. It provides mounting for other aftermarket components whilst providing safety in the instance of a crash. Often, these features are installed on high-performance vehicles operating at high speeds on a track. However, they can be installed for added safety and customisation option for everyday vehicles.

Can You Put A Roll Cage In Any Car?

Yes, almost any car can be fitted with a roll cage. However, some vehicles may need custom-made frames for non-standardised sizing. All common vehicle makes and models are often manufactured to module. Furthermore, you can check out our store for the range of cages available, or contact us if you need something custom-made.


Do You Need A Cage For A Vehicle Harness?

No, but you will need a partial frame installed. A harness is a safety feature that needs to be mounted to an independent frame. If you’re not looking for a full roll cage installation, there are partial options available. However, it could be argued that it’s easier to install a full frame if safety is a concern.

What Are Roll Cages Made With?

Roll cages are made with carbon steel. This metal is highly durable, lightweight and strong, making it the perfect material for a frame. What’s more, depending on your preference, you can opt for a high-tensile manganese carbon steel, or a cold-drawn seamless carbon steel. Which option you choose will come down to budget and priority.

Contact Caged Engineering For High Quality Cages

We specialise in carbon steel roll cages to help improve the safety and customisation of your vehicle’s interior. If you’re looking for an installation to guarantee your protection during track days, or you just want to install a harness, get in touch with one of our team today.

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